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Come to Richey's Furniture in Ashmore, IL! We promise to save you money!
Come to Richey's Furniture in Ashmore, IL! We promise to save you money!




Spring System:

a.Very best quality SAMSON 720 high gauge steel Independent coil create a deep-down firm support that is will never break down. 

b.Engineered in Switzerland for optimal precision

Ultimate Edge Support:

a.Foam encasement perimeter foam block around the coils creates a sturdy edge that responds along with the coils, so you can sleep all the way to the edge without feeling like you’re about to fall off, and you can sit comfortably without having it collapse.

Support Layers:

a.1” High Density Foam is exceptionally durable and long-lasting, with properties that allow the mattresses to have long lasting comfort

b.2” Highest density firm foam will never break down and create long lasting comfort.

c.3” Super-soft foam creates a softness for the mattress.

d.1” Talalay latex enables the mattress to breathe decreasing hot sleeping spots in the mattress.

e.10” Hand tufting is a process of compressing upholstery materials to ensure they perform consistently for a longer period, providing consistent comfort and increasing the comfort longevity of the sleep surface.

f.Box stitch handles do not give when lifting the bed.

g.Joma Wool underneath the knit to help cool you down when you are hot and heat you up when you are cold.

h.Chattam Wells patent quilt was designed to create the perfect feel for maximized relaxation.


TWIN 432

FULL 588


KING 918